A world of mysteries, fantasy and magic awaits you…
Gabriella Kikwaki

Volume 1 & 2

A Link Between Two Worlds/Un Lien Entre Deux Mondes

Two worlds one goal the story will all be revealed.

One world……Evolved into two…

One was named Earth………

Alaura: Ah what a beautiful day………

Volume 3

A Link Between Two Worlds / Un Lien Entre Deux Mondes: Together Forever / Ensemble Pour Toujours

The future is never a straight path.

Hey, my name’s Alia. In this story my friends, my sister and I find out that we cannot destroy Lord Zefron because of his mechanism. We also find out the exact date that the parallel universe will merge.

Volume 4

A Link Between Two Worlds / Un Lien Entre Deux Mondes : The Nightmare Begins/ Le Cauchemar Commence

A light in the darkness . . .

Hey, my name is Lily and in this volume the nightmare truly begins. So Alia Reven, the rest of the group and I finally prepare a plan to stop the two worlds from merging. We had everything planned out, or so we thought . . . 


A Twisted Destiny : Write the Story Within

When one story ends . . . a new one begins.

Two goddesses, one of light and one of darkness: This story talks about this girl called Ila who is 100,000 years old, and also known as the goddess of darkness. Later on she realizes she has a dark destiny to destroy the village of Naira and the universe, but she does not want to.


The Survival of the Glitch / Survivre un problème du système : Volume 1 / Tome 1

The world we used to know has now changed . . . after the glitch took over! I’m sure you’ve already heard of stories where the people go into video games, but have you heard of a story where a video game glitch comes to real life? People’s lives are in danger. We thought we knew everything, but we didn’t!