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Bilingual Fantasy & Contemporary Books

A Link Between Two Worlds / Un Lien Entre Deux Mondes: VOLUME 1 & 2

Two worlds one goal the story will all be revealed. One world…… Evolved into two… One was named Earth……… Alaura: Ah what a beautiful day……… And one was named Aliese…… Elesore: welcome to the the kingdom of Aliese! These worlds were majestical in theirs own ways…… But what happens if…. These worlds re-emerge? Alia: Then chaos and destruction will roam over the entire universe! Sisters unite…… Alaura: But that means… Alia: Yes, we are the two sisters that got divided. New teammates… Lily: Allow us to introduce ourselves my name is Lily the fire sorcerer of Scyther the fire kingdom and this is my brother Sinis the knight of Scyther. A new journey lies ahead…. Reven: Yay… Wait what do you mean by parallel? But danger… Occurs with the universe on the line anything could happen. Welcome to the story of: A link between two world / Un lien entre...
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A Link Between Two Worlds / Un Lien Entre Deux Mondes: Together Forever / Ensemble Pour Toujours – VOLUME 3

Hey, my name is Alia. In this story my friends, my sister and I find out that we cannot destroy Lord Zefron because of his mechanism. We also find out the exact date that the parallel universe will merge. We later make it to Bartha's place. She has a solution to how we can stop the universes from reuniting. But with every good thing comes a price to pay. We collect a load of items to prepare ourselves for this mission. So, we need once again to find a way to save the galaxy before the total destruction caused by the parallel universes. Le future n'est jamais un chemin droit. Hey mon nom est Alia. Dans cette histoire mes amies, ma soeur et moi ont découvert que nous ne pouvons pas détruire Le roi Zefron à cause de son mécanisme. On a aussi découvert la date exacte à laquelle les...
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A Link Between Two Worlds / Un Lien Entre Deux Mondes: The Nightmare Begins / Le Cauchemar Commence

A light in the darkness . . . Hey, my name is Lily and in this volume the nightmare truly begins. So Alia Reven, the rest of the group and I finally prepare a plan to stop the two worlds from merging. We had everything planned out, or so we thought . . . When the Telepathies sisters did the spell of Senyria, they awakened a hidden dark force that is out to destroy the world, which goes by the name of the black mist, or Devoile. Friends get possessed, new worlds are unlocked, hidden mysteries are discovered, and, worst of all, our friends, the world and realms are all in danger because in this volume the nightmare begins! Une lumière dans le noire . . . Bonjour mon est Lily et dans cette tome le cauchemar a commencé. Alors Alia, Reven, tout le rest du groupe et moi ont...
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Whispering Willow / Saule Chuchotant

"Awaken, young one . . .  and relive the world you've long forgotten . . ." Gabri's been brought into a world that she has long forgotten. Her family, her friends, and the way she lived-all gone, except for the memory of her name. Lost in a world she does not remember and guided by strangers and a whisper that does not leave her, she soon learns about a tree with the power to return memories. As she grows ever closer to the tree, the whispers awaken a painful feeling. Perhaps she would be better off forgetting everything? What will happen in a world where she has lost everything . . . ? Réveillez-vous, ma chère, et revivez le monde que vous aviez longtemps oublié ... Elle a été amenée dans un monde qu'elle a oublié depuis longtemps. Sa famille, ses amis et la façon dont elle vivait avant, tout...
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A Twisted Destiny: Write the Story Within

Two goddesses, one of light and one of darkness: This story talks about this girl called Ila who is 100,000 years old, and also known as the goddess of darkness. Later on she realizes she has a dark destiny to destroy the village of Naira and the universe, but she does not want to. So she has to find a way to stop herself from this fate by using the Amulet of Truth and the help of some friends. But the clock is ticking and every day that Ila spends is another day closer to her destiny. Can she stop her fate? Figure out more about the past, and possibly even more.
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The Survival of the Glitches / Survivre aux problèmes techniques: Volume 1 / Tome 1

The world we used to know has now changed . . . after the glitch took over! I'm sure you've already heard of stories where the people go into video games, but have you heard of a story where a video game glitch comes to real life? People's lives are in danger. We thought we knew everything, but we didn't! Every day is now another nightmare. Being alone in this world of devastation has become the one thing you would never want to do! My name is Kia, and ever since I met this group of survivors things have gone crazy. But one big question still remains: What link do I and the other survivors have with this one book we found? And can we even survive this glitch? Le monde que nous connaissions à changer . . . après que ce problème du système a pris control ! Je...
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