A Link Between Two Worlds / Un Lien Entre Deux Mondes: VOLUME 1 & 2


Two worlds, one goal. The story will all be revealed. Hey, my name’s Alaura. In this story, I found out that there’s a parallel universe to Earth’s called Aliese. I also have a long-lost relative, my sister Alia. But not everything is as great as it seems; there are evil forces called the Gaulris out to destroy the worlds with their leader, Lord Zefron. My friends, my sister, and I must find a way to stop this force before they reunite the two parallel universes, which will be total destruction.


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Two worlds one goal the story will all be revealed.

One world…… Evolved into two…

One was named Earth………

Alaura: Ah what a beautiful day………

And one was named Aliese……

Elesore: welcome to the the kingdom of Aliese!

These worlds were majestical in theirs own ways…… But what happens if…. These worlds re-emerge?

Alia: Then chaos and destruction will roam over the entire universe!

Sisters unite……

Alaura: But that means…

Alia: Yes, we are the two sisters that got divided.

New teammates…

Lily: Allow us to introduce ourselves my name is Lily the fire sorcerer of

Scyther the fire kingdom and this is my brother Sinis the knight of Scyther.

A new journey lies ahead….

Reven: Yay… Wait what do you mean by parallel?

But danger… Occurs with the universe on the line anything could happen. Welcome to the story of: A link between two world / Un lien entre deux mondes.

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